Name Value
This file holds the data for all admissions, transfers, discharges,
           ^DGPM("APCA",DFN,Corresponding Admission,Date_AS,DA)=""
           ^DGPM("APMV",DFN,Corresponding Admission,Inverse Date_AS,DA)=""
           ^DGPM("ATS",DFN,Corresponding Admission,Inverse Date_AS,Treating Specialty,DA)=""
           ^DGPM("CN",External Format of Ward,DA)=""       **inpatients only**
           ^DGPM("LD",External Format of Ward,DA)=""       **lodgers only**
           ^DGPM("ARM",IFN of Room-bed,DA)=1 or 0          [1 indicates lodger, 0 indicates non-lodger]
treating specialty changes, and lodger movements.  These entries must not
           ^DGPM("CA",Corresponding Admission,DA)=""
where:     TT=Transaction type where choices are as follows:
                1=admission          4=check-in lodger
                2=transfer           5=check-out lodger
                3=discharge          6=specialty change
           AS=ASIH Sequencewhere choices are as follows:
                1=transfer to hospital ASIH
be edited through fileman.  Instead, the appropriate bed control options
                2=Admission to hospital (automatically generated by module)
           or  1=discharge from hospitalwithin 30 days of ASIH stay
                2=transfer to or discharge from NHCU/DOM (automatically generated by module)
           [NOTE:  This value is 0 for non-ASIH movements or ASIH movements where there are not 2 movements at the same date/time]
should be executed to insure data consistency.
The following cross-references exist on this file:
           ^DGPM("ATID"_TT,DFN,Inverse date_AS,DA)=""
           ^DGPM("APID",DFN,Inverse Date_AS,DA)=""