VA DRUG CLASS (50.605)    FILE (1)

Name Value
  • GMTS
Per VHA Directive 2005-044, this file has been "locked down"
This file contains the VA Drug Classifications. Each five-character
alpha-numeric code specifies a broad classification and a specific
type of product. The first two characters are letters and form the
mnemonic for the major classification (e.g., AM for antimicrobials).
Characters 3 through 5 are numbers and form the basis for subclassification.
The VA Drug Classification system classifies drug products, not
generic ingredients. Drug products with local effects are classified
by route of administration (e.g., dermatological, ophthalmic). If a
product is not classified by route of administration, it is classified
in most instances under a specific chemical or pharmacological
by Data Standardization (DS). The file definition (i.e. data dictionary)
classification (e.g., beta-blockers, cephalosporins). If a product
is not classified by route of administration, or chemical or
pharmacological subclassification, it may be classified under a
therapeutic category (e.g., antilipemic agents, antiparkinson agents).
shall not be modified. All additions, changes and deletions to entries in
the file shall be done by Enterprise Reference Terminology (ERT) using the
Master File Server (MFS), provided by Common Services (CS). Creating and/or
editing locally defined fields in the file are not permitted. Use of
locally defined fields that were created prior to VHA Directive
2005-044 shall not be supported.