A&SP SITE PARAMETERS (509850.8)    FILE (1)

Name Value
The A&SP SITE PARAMETERS file (#509850.8) contains site specific
then the overnight job to send data to PCE will be active. It will
send visit data for any Division that has the SEND TO PCE field
set to YES.
Each Division has a USE ASP CLINIC FILE NUMBER field which allows you 
to associate existing clinic file numbers with patients. You can also
activate the AMIE C&P Interface for specific Divisions and specify
that when entering data for a Division the user is not required to 
enter Audiometric data for Hearing Loss cases by setting the BYPASS 
AUDIOMETRICS parameter to YES.
data used by the QUASAR package.  There should be only ONE site
Data in this file SHOULD NOT be altered through the use of VA FileMan; 
input should take place ONLY through the QUASAR menu options.
Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, this file definition SHOULD NOT be modified.
entry in this file.
Before running the package, at least one Division must be added to 
the file and at least one Clinic entered for the Division.
The INTERFACE TO PCE and SEND TO PCE parameters control whether 
visit data is sent to PCE. If the INTERFACE TO PCE is set to YES