Name Value
  • RA
This file contains the modifiers that can be associated with an imaging
of the module:
         o PORTABLE
         o BILATERAL
         o LEFT
         o RIGHT
Portable, Operating Room and Bilateral are very important for the
compilation of the AMIS report.  For this reason, the name of the
exam.  These modifiers are used to further describe the procedure
modifier is uneditable.  Any modifier who meaning is portable, operating
room, or bilateral should be further defined by entering one of these
choices in the AMIS Credit Indicator field. Series type procedures cannot
be assigned modifiers that affect AMIS credit.
Entries in this file should not be deleted. Adding new entries is always
Each modifier must be assigned one or more Imaging Type(s) in order to
appear as a selection during modifier edits of procedures and exams. To
associated with the exam. For example, if an exam of the 'hand' was
deactivate a modifier, use the option for editing procedure modifiers to
delete all the imaging types that appear under the modifier.
To add site specific modifiers and to obtain more information regarding
this file, see the ADPAC Guide.
 Data Storage
 The data for the 'PROCEDURE MODIFIERS' file is stored in the ^RAMIS(71.2,
global. At the present time this file is very static after
performed then the modifier 'left' can be chosen to indicate which hand.
initialization is complete.  However, it still should be journaled.
It should also be translated if the operating system supports this function.
 Input Templates
 The package does not use any input templates associated with this
 Print Templates
 The package does not use any print templates associated with this
 Sort Templates
 The package does not use any sort templates associated with this
If an exam has a modifier associated with it, then it will automatically
appear on the report.
When the system is installed, the following modifiers are loaded as part