Name Value
  • RA
This file contains the statuses an imaging exam may be in, as it
            should be asked of the user when trying to move an exam
            into the status.
          o fields that indicate to the various workload report
            routines whether an exam in a particular exam status
            should be used in the compilation of the report
When the system is initialized, the following statuses and
their 'order' in the exam process are loaded into this file:
is processed.
         Order            Status
         -----            ------
          1               WAITING FOR EXAM
          2               CALLED FOR EXAM
          3               EXAMINED
          4               TRANSCRIBED
          9               COMPLETE
          0               CANCELLED
The site does not have to use this configuration.  The only requirements
of the system are the following:
          o there must be a status with an order of '1'; this is the
            status that the module will place an exam in upon registration.
          o there must be a status with an order of '9'; when an exam
            reaches this status then the module considers the exam
            complete and the exam can no longer be called up by case
            number; also the case number can then be reused.
The fields in this file generally fall into three basic categories:
          o there must be a status with an order of '0' and it must
            be called 'CANCELLED'.
 Data Storage
The data for the EXAMINATION STATUS' file is stored in the ^RA(72,
global. At the present time this file is very static after day-one
initialization is complete.  However, it still should be journaled.
It should also be translated if the operating system supports this function.
 Input Templates
The following is a list of input templates used by the package
and the entry in the OPTIONS file (#19) that uses the template:
 Name                Routine      Description; Option(s)
------               -------      ----------------------
 RA STATUS ENTRY                 Used to enter/edit entries in this file;
                                 RA EXAMSTATUS
          o fields that indicate what data has to be entered for an
 This input template should not be modified.
 Print Templates
The package does not use any print templates associated with this
 Sort Templates
            exam in order for the exam to be placed in the status.
The package does not use any sort templates associated with this
          o when using the 'Exam Status Tracking' system, which prompts