Name Value
  • RA
This file contains the reports for registered exams.  These reports are
         I. Demographic information about the file
                - patient, date reported, date entered etc.
        II. Text Data
                - clinical history, report and impression
       III. Computed Fields that obtain data from patient's exam record
                - technician, procedure etc.
The computed fields can be a very efficent way to do File Man prints and
searches of exam record data, as opposed to doing prints and searches
through the 'RAD/NUC MED PATIENT' file.
usually first dictated by the interpreting physician before being entered
 Data Storage
The data for the 'RAD/NUC MED REPORTS file is stored in the ^RARPT(
global. This global is very volatile and should be journaled.
It should also be translated if the operating system supports this function.
Because of the large amount of disk space the report text will demand of
the system, the module has a 'Purge Data' function that will
allow the site manager to delete the 'REPORT TEXT' and 'CLINCIAL HISTORY'
by the transcriptionist.
fields on a periodic basis. It is up to the computer site manager and
the imaging coordinator to determine how long this data will remain
on-line. The 'IMPRESSION' text will not be purged.
In the future, the module will also have an archive function.
 Input Templates
The following is a list of input templates used by the package
and the entry in the OPTIONS file (#19) that uses the template:
 Name              Routine    Description; Option(s)
 ----              --------   ----------------------
 RA REPORT EDIT    ^RACTWR*   Used to enter/edit reports and associated
                              information into this file;
                              RA RPTENTRY
 RA VERIFY         ^RACTVR*   Used to indicate a report has been verified;
The Radiology/Nuclear Medicine software includes an HL7 interface to
 RA PRE-VERIFY REPORT EDIT    Used to edit reports and associated 
                              information in this file. Does not allow
                              report verification; RA RESIDENT PRE-VERIFY
 RA PRE-VERIFY REPORT ONLY    Used to pre-verify reports;
                              RA RESIDENT PRE-VERIFY
If any modifications to these input templates are needed for local
purposes, then great care should be taken not to degrade any branching logic
support report entry using voice recognition systems.
in the template.
 Print Templates
 Name              Routine    Description; Option(s)
 -----             --------   ----------------------
 RA REPORT         ^RACTRT    Prints the status of verified reports only.
  PRINT STATUS                Includes date verified, routing queue, date
                              printed, printed by ward/clinic.
                              RA RPTDISTPRINTSTATUS
 Sort Templates
The package does not use any sort templates associated with this
The data in this file has three basic sections: