Name Value
This file contains all information pertaining to an imaging order entered
The data for 'RAD/NUC MED ORDERS' file is stored in the ^RAO(75.1,global..
This file is very volatile and should be journaled and translated if the
operating system supports these two functions.
Input Templates
The following is a list of input templates used by the package
for a patient. The file structure is like that of the Rad/Nuc Med Patient
and in the OPTIONS file (#19) that uses the template:
Input Template Name     Input Template Description     Option(s)
-------------------     --------------------------     ---------
RA ORDER EXAM           Enter an order for a VistA     RAORDER EXAM 
                        Radiology procedure.
RA QUICK EXAM ORDER     Allows quick entry of one or   RAQUICK EXAM ORDER
                        multiple exams for a patient.
file. This imaging order file allows the storage of General Radiology,
RA OERR EDIT            Edit an unreleased order that
                        was entered through the OE/RR package.
Print Templates
There are no print templates associated with this file.
Nuclear Medicine, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography,
Sort Templates
There are no sort templates associated with this file.
Ultrasound and other types of imaging modality data.
Data Storage