Name Value
  • RA
This file contains, for each division entry, parameters that the module
However, single division medical centers will not notice this in the
everyday execution of the module.
Within a division there may be a number of physical locations
where an imaging procedure can be performed.  The module is designed to
handle multiple locations within a division.  However, each location can
only be associated with one division.  Location data is stored in the
'IMAGING LOCATIONS' file (#79.1).
uses during various stages of exam and report processing and inquiring.
These parameters are loaded into the user's partition once the module
determines which division and location the user is currently associated
with.  This is determined by one of two ways: 1) the device the user is
using is an entry in the 'INPUT DEVICES' sub-file of the 'IMAGING
LOCATIONS' file or 2) if (1) is not true than the module will simply ask
the user what his/her current location is.  Method 1 is becoming obsolete;
it was used before virtual terminals came into being.  Therefore, most
systems will ask the user for a sign-on imaging location.
These parameter switches allow the 'customizing' of the module for each
Entries in this file should not be deleted. Adding new entries is always
 Data Storage
The data for the 'RAD/NUC MED DIVISION' file is stored in the ^RA(79,
global. At the present time this file is very static after day-one
initialization is complete.  However, it still should be journaled.
It should also be translated if the operating system supports this function.
division by the package coordinator.
 Input Templates
The following is a list of input templates used by the package
and the entry in the OPTIONS file (#19) that uses the template:
 Name                   Routine   Description; Option(s)
 ----                   -------   ----------------------
 RA DIVISION PARAMETERS           Used to enter/edit division parameters
                                  that the package coordinator controls;
                                  RA SYSDIV
If any modifications to these input templates are needed for local
purposes, then great care should be taken not to degrade any branching logic
in the template.
 Print Templates
 The following is a list of print templates used by the radiology package:
The module is designed to handle multiple divisions within a medical
 Name                  Description; Option(s)
 ----                  ----------------------
 RA IMAGE DIV LIST     Prints the division parameters for the entries in
                       this file;
                       RA SYSDIVLIST
 Sort Templates
The radiology package does not use any sort templates associated with this
center.  While most medical centers only have one division, there are a
number that are multi-divisional.  As a result, it was necessary to
structure the entire system around the division concept.