840300 Direction and Coordination of VA Training Programs (840300)    COST CENTER (420.1)

Name Value
NAME 840300 Direction and Coordination of VA Training Programs
Includes personal services costs of VA staff whose primary responsibility 
equipment.  Excludes tuition, registration and travel costs for employees in 
training status, which is to be charged to the employee's regular cost center.
is directing and overseeing training programs and activities.  Includes Associate 
Chief of Staff for Education, Associate Chiefs Nursing Service for Education, 
Allied Health Coordinators, Patient Health Education Coordinators, and 
all administrative and clerical staff who directly support the above. 
Does not include clerical instructors in Nursing and other disciplines in 
allied health professions, or personnel training officers.  Also includes 
cost of in-house continuing education.  Includes travel of intra-VA 
instructors, personal service contracts, lecturers, supplies, materials, and expendable