IADL (56)    MH TEST/SURVEY SPEC (601.712)

Name Value
LAST UPDATE 2022-04-08 08:58:26
{"name": "IADL", 
     {"id": "c2902", "text": "1. Operates telephone on own initiative; looks up and dials numbers, etc.", "quickKey": 1}, 
     {"id": "c2903", "text": "2. Dials a few well-known numbers.", "quickKey": 2}, 
     {"id": "c2904", "text": "3. Answers telephone but does not dial.", "quickKey": 3}, 
     {"id": "c2905", "text": "4. Does not use telephone at all.", "quickKey": 4}
   {"id": "q5131", "type": "ChoiceQuestion", "required": false, "inline": false, 
    "text": "2. Shopping", 
    "columns": 1, 
     {"id": "c2906", "text": "1. Takes care of all shopping needs independently.", "quickKey": 1}, 
 "copyright": "Copyright (c) The Gerontological Society of America.", 
     {"id": "c2907", "text": "2. Shops independently for small purchases.", "quickKey": 2}, 
     {"id": "c2908", "text": "3. Needs to be accompanied on any shopping trip.", "quickKey": 3}, 
     {"id": "c2909", "text": "4. Completely unable to shop.", "quickKey": 4}
   {"id": "q5177", "type": "ChoiceQuestion", "required": false, "inline": false, 
    "text": "3. Food Preparation", 
    "columns": 1, 
     {"id": "c2910", "text": "1. Plans, prepares and serves adequate meals independently.", "quickKey": 1}, 
     {"id": "c2911", "text": "2. Prepares adequate meals if supplied with ingredients.", "quickKey": 2}, 
 "restartDays": 2, 
     {"id": "c2912", "text": "3. Heats, serves and prepares meals or prepares meals but does not maintain
 adequate diet.", "quickKey": 3}, 
     {"id": "c2913", "text": "4. Needs to have meals prepared and served.", "quickKey": 4}
   {"id": "q5179", "type": "ChoiceQuestion", "required": false, "inline": false, 
    "text": "4. Housekeeping", 
    "columns": 1, 
     {"id": "c2914", "text": "1. Maintains house alone or with occasional assistance (e.g. heavy work domestic
 help).", "quickKey": 1}, 
 "printTitle": "Lawton-Brody Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale",
     {"id": "c2915", "text": "2. Performs light daily tasks such as dishwashing, bed making.", "quickKey": 2}, 
     {"id": "c2916", "text": "3. Performs light daily tasks but cannot maintain acceptable level of
 cleanliness.", "quickKey": 3}, 
     {"id": "c2917", "text": "4. Needs help with all home maintenance tasks.", "quickKey": 4}, 
     {"id": "c2918", "text": "5. Does not participate in any housekeeping tasks.", "quickKey": 5}
   {"id": "q5183", "type": "ChoiceQuestion", "required": false, "inline": false, 
    "text": "5. Laundry", 
    "columns": 1, 
     {"id": "c2919", "text": "1. Does personal laundry completely.", "quickKey": 1}, 
     {"id": "c2920", "text": "2. Launders small items; rinses stockings, etc.", "quickKey": 2}, 
     {"id": "c2921", "text": "3. All laundry must be done by others.", "quickKey": 3}
   {"id": "q5184", "type": "ChoiceQuestion", "required": false, "inline": false, 
    "text": "6. Mode of Transportation", 
    "columns": 1, 
     {"id": "c2922", "text": "1. Travels independently on public transportation or drives own car.", "quickKey": 1}, 
     {"id": "c2923", "text": "2. Arranges own travel via taxi, but does not otherwise use public
   {"id": "q4864", "type": "ChoiceQuestion", "required": false, "inline": false, 
 transportation.", "quickKey": 2}, 
     {"id": "c2924", "text": "3. Travels on public transportation when accompanied by another.", "quickKey": 3}, 
     {"id": "c2925", "text": "4. Travel limited to taxi or automobile with assistance of another.", "quickKey": 4}, 
     {"id": "c2926", "text": "5. Does not travel at all.", "quickKey": 5}
   {"id": "q5185", "type": "ChoiceQuestion", "required": false, "inline": false, 
    "text": "7. Responsibility for own medications", 
    "columns": 1, 
     {"id": "c2927", "text": "1. Is responsible for taking medication in correct dosages at correct time.", "quickKey": 1}, 
    "text": "1. Ability to use telephone", 
     {"id": "c2928", "text": "2. Takes responsibility if medication is prepared in advance in separate dosage.", "quickKey": 2}, 
     {"id": "c2929", "text": "3. Is not capable of dispensing own medication.", "quickKey": 3}
   {"id": "q5190", "type": "ChoiceQuestion", "required": false, "inline": false, 
    "text": "8. Ability to Handle Finances", 
    "columns": 1, 
     {"id": "c2941", "text": "1. Manages financial matters independently (budgets, writes checks, goes to
 bank).", "quickKey": 1}, 
     {"id": "c2931", "text": "2. Manages day-to-day purchases, but needs help with banking, major purchases,
    "columns": 1, 
 etc.", "quickKey": 2}, 
     {"id": "c2932", "text": "3. Incapable if handling money.", "quickKey": 3}