XM-U-P-FILTER-3 (1081)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

Name Value
 * recipient, prior to delivery. This can be cumbersome for MailMan when*
 * a message has numerous recipients and each recipient has numerous    *
 * active mail filters. Thus, to make the delivery process more         *
 * efficient for everyone, we suggest you limit the number of active    *
 * filters for your mailbox, use the least amount of filtering criteria *
 * necessary to positively identify the message,  and prioritize each   *
 * filter by using the ORDER field. Those filters that will be used the *
 * most should be given the highest priority (e.g., ORDER equals one,   *
 * two, or three).                                                      *
Also, when you create a mail filter and specify a mail basket that does
not currently exist in your mailbox, MailMan will allow you to create it
on the fly. Also, if you later delete a filter mail basket, MailMan will
automatically recreate it for you when the filter is used (activated) and
mail is directed to that basket.
 * MailMan's background processing checks active mail filters for each  *
DATE ENTERED 1999-04-27 15:17:56