FSC MENU LIST (1190)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

Name Value
HEADER List of NOIS Calls
View Details - Display multiple calls - good for searching text in many calls
Save As - Save the list as a non-active list (these lists are not auto updated)
Query - Use a search criteria to add, remove or have calls remain on the list
Subquery - Calls meeting the criteria will remain on the list
Add - Add to the list using selected calls, other lists, or queries
Remove - Remove calls using selected calls, other lists, queries, or all calls
Other List - Switch to a different list
Define List - Display the definition of an active list
Notify - Send a mail messsage or notify others using alerts
Print Selected Calls - Print only specific calls
This list of NOIS calls can be used to select calls for review or editing.
On any screen enter ? for help, ?? for other actions, or ??? for help topics.
The list can also be modified by adding and removing calls using queries
or by using other lists.  You can search for calls meeting your criteria
and then use 'View Details' or 'Edit/Display' to review the calls.
Log New Call - Enter a new NOIS call
Edit/Display - Display multiple calls one call at a time and allow editing
DATE ENTERED 1993-11-01 22:52:44