FSC MENU EDIT (1191)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

Name Value
HEADER Display/Edit NOIS Calls
Edit All - Edit any editable portion of the call
Basics/Description - Edit the fields that initiate and describe the call
Take Action - Log an action entry
Close Call - Enter the resolution summary and close out the call
Format Call - Change the display by selecting an alternate format
Next Call - Displays next selected call
Previous Call - Displays previous selected call
Other Call - Go to a selected call
These screens display one call at a time.  You may edit a call by selecting
On any screen enter ? for help, ?? for other actions, or ??? for help topics.
a subject heading and editing those fields associated with the subject.
The display can be changed by selecting specific formats.  Using 'SL' to
search the list will only apply to the single call in the display. 
Log New Call - Enter a new NOIS call
Specialists - Shows NOIS users who's default lists will display this call
DATE ENTERED 1993-11-01 23:11:02