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Name Value
HEADER View Details of NOIS Calls
take awhile.
Log New Call - Enter a new NOIS call
Edit/Display - Switches to the edit screen to allow editing selected calls
Go To Call - Go to a selected call
Notify - Send a mail message or notify others using alerts
Format List - Change the display by selecting an alternate format
This screen is useful for displaying multiple calls within the same screen.
On any screen enter ? for help, ?? for other actions, or ??? for help topics.
Text searches (using 'SL' to search the list) are ideal using this display.
The STATISTICS format can show counts of items from the calls in the list.
The CUSTOM format can be used to only display specific fields of interest.
This display can be incorporated into a mail message that can be edited and
sent to others.  This display can also be used to review calls and the switch
to Edit/Display to edit or close calls.  Since this display loads all calls
into the scrolling region, a DETAILED format on a large list of calls may
DATE ENTERED 1993-11-01 23:15:57