FSC U302 TOUR GUIDE (1201)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

Name Value
                                Tour Guide
save this list as another list name
change back to your default list
remove all calls
add a single call to the list
add calls from 3 or 4 other lists
sort the list by subject
sort the list by call ID (descending)
sort the list by status, site, date opened (descending)
remove all calls
add all Kernel calls
add all open, Lab calls
select only the open calls
remove all calls
use the query action to create a list that has open calls for Lab,
Surgery, Kernel, and IFCAP for Denver and Grand Junction or any calls from
any site on OERR
look at how lists are defined (dont change the definitions)
use edit calls, select all calls
enter return to go to the next call
go to the last call on the list
log a call, leave it open
enter previous call to back up
enter qt to quit back to your list
do this again entering only specific selections from the list
enter qt to quit back to your list
use view calls, select all calls
select a brief format
go through some calls
change to a detailed format
search the list for the word task
print the list to your screen
look at what lists the call is now on
change to a format for the fields package, status, and specialist
change to a statistic format for site, status, and package
change to a format for an extract reort
enter exit to quit back to the menu
browse calls for any open calls
close the call
go to the next call
change the status to referred to developer
look at other information on this call
see if the call is on ISC-ONE, USERs list, send him a notification by mail
list calls for your default list
including the text of this call, you can include some comments of your
notify ISC-TWO, USER by alert for this call
set yourself to be notified by alert when the status changes on this call.
go back to the menu, use the secondary menu option to become ISC-ONE, USER
read your mail
become ISC-TWO, USER
read your alert, close the call
go back to yourself
read your alert
change to someone elses list
change to a list for open calls for your ISC
change to a list for open calls for Kernel
change to a list for open calls for Denver
DATE ENTERED 1994-01-09 19:01:41