FSC U403 STATUS (1205)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

Name Value
Abbrev - status; sup status; dev status; available statuses to select
O - open; O; null; C, R, V, X
C - closed; C; null or C (if closed by dev); O
R - refer to dev; R; O; O, C, E, P, N, F, X
V - vendor; V; null; O, C, R, X
E - refer to ep; R; E; O, C, R, P, N, F, X
P - awaiting patch; R; P; O, C, R, E, N, F, X
N - next release; R; N; O, C, R, E, P, F, X
F - future release; R; F; O, C, R, E, P, N, X
X - canceled; X; null or X (if canceled by dev); O
There are two fields that determine a status for a call.  There is a field
A call that has been closed or canceled can be reopened by changing the
status to open.  A status history is kept of all status changes.
for support status and a field for development status.  When making status
changes, only a single status is entered (the two fields are filled in
depending on the entry).  This allows for searches for calls that are
specific for support or development.
A support status can be open, refer to dev, vendor, closed, or canceled.
A development status can be open, awaiting patch, next release, future
release, refer to ep, closed, or canceled.
DATE ENTERED 1994-01-09 19:03:36