FSC U60 OPTIONS (1210)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

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List Calls and Query Calls allow for selecting multiple calls.  List Calls
uses a selected list to get to the NOIS Calls screen.  Query Calls begins
by letting you enter a query to get those calls of interest.  From the
NOIS Calls screen you can perform any routine NOIS operations.
An option is provided for file maintenance.  File Setup allows printing,
searching, and inquiring NOIS files.  Supervisors can also edit and add
new entries to these files (except for the NOIS Call file which must be
edited using the NOIS programs.
NOIS only uses a few menu options.
Logging a Call is used to enter new NOIS calls.  It doesn't use List
Manager unless you want to review other calls.
If you already know the call you want to edit or review, use Edit a Call.
Close a Call is a similar option.
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