FSC U801 TYPES OF LISTS (1213)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

Name Value
                              Types of Lists
Storage Only
These lists simply hold calls.  Calls must be added manually to these
lists, and manually deleted.  They are like mail baskets - you have to
maintain them.  These lists can be owned or be public.  Any specialist can
create storage only lists.
Indexed lists are part of the NOIS software.  You cant create them or
delete them.  Calls are not stored with these lists.  The list simply uses
a cross reference in the call file to access these calls.  They are fast
to access and automatically maintained.  Compound cross references require
that you enter a value.  For example, Open Calls by Site would require
entering the site.
Active Update
Specialists can define a list for a specific criteria.  An active update
list uses a query as the definition of what calls should be on the list.
The query is the same syntax as when searching for calls.  These lists are
maintained whenever someone edits a call.  When a call is edited, it is
reviewed by every active update criteria as to whether the call will be
There four types of lists.
included or removed from the list (fortunately all this updating is going
on in the background).  Notification can also be used with these lists.
Notification using lists requires that the lists be owned.
When you browse calls or receive notifications, notice that the title of
the list is Temporary List.  This list is not defined, nor are calls
stored on this list.  When you leave this list the calls are not saved.
DATE ENTERED 1994-01-09 19:05:47