FSC U807 QUERIES (1219)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

Name Value
The selections for the condition and value depend on the field.  For
example, pointer type fields do not allow a contains or greater than
condition.  Word-processing fields do not allow an equal condition.  The
exists and not exits conditions (null, not null) do not prompt for values.
 The between condition uses two values and only applies to number or date
fields.  Entering question marks for help will show the available
The criteria can be continued using an and or or.  Multiple operations of
adding, removing, selecting, along with ands and ors, can find most calls
of interest.
Queries are used to define active update lists.  The query is stored with
the list definition.
Queries provide a way for finding calls that meet a certain criteria.
The calls found can be added to the list or removed from list.
Select means that those calls on the list meeting the criteria will remain
on the list and those not are removed.
Entering a criteria involves selecting the field (attribute), condition,
and value.  This is similar to FileMans search.
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