FSC U811 DEFINE LIST (1223)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

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Active update lists require entering a query definition, this is similar
to using a regular query for browsing.
Its usually easier to change to someone elses list, save a copy of it as
your own and then edit it.  Lines in the query definition can be replaced,
inserted, or removed.
Automatic notifications are also part of the list definition.  You can
specify that calls being updated onto the list will be flagged; so that
anytime these calls are edited or their status changes you can be notified
by mail or alert.
                            Defining a List
You can see how a list is defined by using the DL, Define List, action
from the hidden menu.
If the list is public or you are the owner of the list, you can edit the
definition of the list.
You can create a new list using the DL option, or in the case of storage
only lists, you can also create those when doing a File (Save) operation.
DATE ENTERED 1994-01-09 19:08:55