Name Value
HEADER Controlling the Day and Time a Server Runs
available time and day that the server can be run and asks
TaskMan to run the server during that time slot.
    When entering data in the TIMES field the user will be
prompted for two times in military format between which the
server will be prohibited.  By entering 0800-1630, for instance,
the server will be prohibited from running between 8 AM and
4:30 PM.
    If no days are entered in the DAYS field then the software
assumes that the server is prohibited on all days of the week.
If days are entered, using the first two letters of the day,
    A server-type option, like any other type of option, may be
then the server is prohibited on that day only during the
specified times.  MO, for instance, will prohibit the server
on Monday during the times entered.  You may also enter strings
of days, such as MO,TU,WE or ranges of days, such as MO-FR.
prohibited from running by entering the desired data in the
TIMES/DAYS PROHIBITED field of the Option File.  This multiple
or subfile allows you to specify any range of times and/or days
during which a server task will not be scheduled by TaskMan.
    When a server request is recieved from MailMan the server
software looks at this multiple to see if there are prohibited
days or times.  If there are, the software finds the next 
DATE ENTERED 1990-05-23 11:06:00