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HEADER Error Handling
by the server.
   When a server error occurs, such as a request for an option that
is not of the type "server" the software will likewise report it
in the bulletin or return mail message.  In both these cases the
error will also be logged by the audit software into the OPTIONS
AUDIT LOG file.  System and server errors will cause the server to abort.
   When the application program run by the server option sees an
error that needs to be reported it is the job of that program to
handle the error.  One way to do this is to enter text into the
array XQSTXT, using as many of the array nodes as desired (e.g.
   There are 3 types of errors which a server may encounter when
XQSTXT(1), XQSTXT(2), etc.) which will automatically be appended
to the end of the bulletin or return mail message associated
with that server.
trying to run: system errors, reported by the operating system;
server errors, reported by the server software; and application
errors, detected by the program associated with the  server-type
   When a system error occurs, such as an undefined variable
(<UNDEF>) the server software will trap that error and report
it to the user in the bulletin or return mail message triggered
DATE ENTERED 1990-05-23 11:19:00