Name Value
HEADER Naming Options (and Other Things) Correctly
with one of these.
       You personally may have been assigned a name space by your IRM staff if
you are part of the Menu Delegation System, in which case, you should use
that.  If you have not been allowed to copy an option because you have no name
space, talk to your IRM Service.
       Finally, the name space 'ZZ' is reserved for general field use, but it
is not as safe as being more specific with a site or personal name space
because anybody can use 'ZZ', and we all do.
       It is very important to name things like options, templates, help
frames, etc. properly to avoid them being clobbered by new packages.  The way
we do this is by "name spacing" things.  All lab things start with the letters
'LR', for instance, and no one else is allowed to give names beginning with
those two letters.
       Local names should begin with the letters assigned to your facility by
Central Office.  The American Lake VAMC, for instance, has been assigned the
name spaces 'ACA', 'ACB', and 'ACC; so all options created there should begin
DATE ENTERED 1991-03-29 07:18:00