XQOO (146)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

Name Value
HEADER Out of Order Manager
     or  -    with any of the above to remove items already selected,
     or  ^    to quit and exit the program,
     or  ^PR  to switch from working with options to protocols,
     or  ^OP  to switch from working with protocols to options,
     or  ?    to see a brief help prompt,
     or  ??   to see this help screen again,
     or  ???   to see the list of items chosen so far,
     or  ????   to see the Option or Protocol File,
   You are building a list of options and/or protocols to be marked 'Out
Of Order'. You may enter them in several different ways:
   You may simply enter an option or protocol name,
     or  NAM* to specify all that begin with the characters 'NAM'
     or  NAM1-NAM2 to specify all the options or protocols that fall
              alphabetically between NAM1 and NAM2 inclusive,
     or  *    to select all options or protocols,
DATE ENTERED 1995-05-18 11:11:00