Name Value
HEADER Naming Option/Protocol Sets for KIDS
     You are creating one or more sets of options and/or protocols that
multiple packages you may create one option/protocol set that will disable
all the options for the entire installation, or you can create multiple
option/protocol sets that will disable only those options and protocols
connected to one of the packages at a time.  KIDS will disable the options
in one set, install that package, and then reenable that option set, and
so on, for each package being installled.
can be marked "Out Of Order" so that they will be disabled during a
package installation. You are being prompted for the name of this set of
options and protocols. This unique name should be from 1 to 8 characters
in length.  Since you may have more than one set of options defined, this
name will distinguish among them.
     The Kernel Installation and Distribution System (KIDS) will allow you
to install multiple packages at the same time.  If you are installing
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