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HEADER BLOBs (Binary Large Objects) Message
Using Multimedia MailMan without a network capability is fairly simple.
The imaging workstation has the ability to direct an image that is stored
on large disk drives on a Local Area Network (LAN) to a high resolution
display monitor. BLOBs can be captured and recorded in the IMAGE file and
then attached to a message easily at any terminal. If one attempts to read
them from a terminal that is not capable of viewing the binary portion,
the user will see a textual summary of what is attached, but no BLOB. At
an imaging workstation, the user will be asked which BLOBs he wishes to
BLOBs exist in messages as pointers to the IMAGE file (#2005). In order to
attach a BLOB to a message, the BLOB must exist in that file. Each entry
in the IMAGE file than has the data necessary for it to be found and used
by the system. MailMan uses calls to the VistA Imaging package in order to
manipulate these non-textual Body parts. Entries in the IMAGE file are
looked up, displayed and moved to a disk drive where they can be
transmitted using FTP by calls to the VistA Imaging package.
DATE ENTERED 1993-12-06 20:14:00