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HEADER Micro Trend Antibiotic Pattern
For example, a pattern is entered to be penicillin resistant, tetracycline 
sensitive, and nafcillin resistant.  An isolate that has several 
antibiotics reported, including penicillin resistant, but no tetracycline 
or nafcillin tested would be included in the report.  An isolate with 
penicillin resistant, tetracycline resistant, and nafcillin resistant would 
not be included in the report.
Reporting isolates with specific antibiotic patterns may be useful in 
tracking specific types of infections.
                        Antibiotic Pattern
All reports can be restricted to include only those isolates with a 
specific antibiotic pattern.  An antibiotic pattern can be created by 
entering a sequence of antibiotics with corresponding interpretations.  In 
order for any isolates to be included on the antibiotic trend report, an 
isolate must be tested for antibiotics and have no conflicts with the 
DATE ENTERED 1992-10-01 12:18:18