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HEADER Request Status Report (Section)
You have to know the temporary transaction number to determine the status 
rejected.  IFCAP tracks the status of all the items on your request, 
regardless of how many transactions were created from it.  Therefore, the 
only way to determine the status of your request AS YOU CREATED IT 
is to enter the temporary transaction number you created.
Note:     You can only display or print requests that you created.
of a request.  From the Requestors Menu, select Request Status Report 
(Section).  At the Select Transaction Number: prompt, enter the temporary 
transaction number you assigned to the request when you created it in 
You cannot enter the PO number or permanent transaction number at the 
Select Transaction Number: prompt because requests can be split into 
multiple transactions of different types or some of your items can be 
DATE ENTERED 1994-11-10 11:40:32