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HEADER Additional Help on Setting Status Flags
Several different scenarios may arise when setting the Patient Care Status and
    wards that have no corresponding Nursing location.  The Patient Care Status
    field should be set to "I" (Inactive) and the Ward Status field should be
    set to "A" (to indicate ACTIVE).
3.  A non-clinical Nursing location converted to performing patient care, OR a
    newly created patient care location:  Run the Ward Activation
    (NURSPT-WRDACT) Option to change the Patient Care Flag to "A" (Active).
4.  A Nursing location converted from patient care to administrative/other
    function:  Run the Ward Deactivation (NURSPT-WRDINA) Option, which will
the Ward Status fields.  Below are some examples on how both fields should be 
    change the Patient Care Flag to "I" (Inactive).
5.  A Nursing location terminates all Nursing functions:
    a.  The Ward Deactivation (NURSPT-WRDINA) Option should be run for this
        location.  This will set the Patient Care Flag to "I" (Inactive).
    b.  Any corresponding MAS wards for this Nursing location should be moved
        to new/existing Nursing locations which have a Ward Status of Active.
    c.  Set the Ward Status to "I" (Inactive) for the Nursing location that
        has terminated its Nursing function.
6.  A Nursing location which has a Ward Status of Inactive in the Nurs
    Location File, now performs some Nursing function:  Enter an "A" in the
    Ward Status field and set the Patient Care Statis field to "I" (Inactive).
1.  Creating a new Nursing location:  The Ward Status field should be set to
    an "A" to indicate active, and the Patient Care Status field should
    be set to "I" (Inactive).
2.  The MASONLY Nursing location:  This location is used to associate all MAS
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