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Name Value
HEADER ******Determine Grade/Differentiation/Cell Type******
Code the degree of differentiation or grade stated in the
FINAL pathologic diagnosis only.
For example:
   Microscopic Description:  Moderately differentiated squamous cell
                            carcinoma with poorly differentiated areas
   Final Pathologic Diagnosis:  Moderately differentiated squamous
                                cell carcinoma
 Grade, differentiation
   Code to the final diagnosis:  Moderately differentiated '2'.
Usually there will be no statement as to grade for in situ lesions.
However, if a grade is stated, it should be coded.
When there is variation in the usual terms for degree of differentiation,
code to the higher grade as specified below:
              TERM                 GRADE             CODE
       Low grade                   I-II               2
       Medium grade                II-III             3
       High grade                  III-IV             4
     Partially well differentiated I-II               2
     Moderately undifferentiated   III                3
     Relatively undifferentiated   III                3
Grade coding for prostate cases using Gleason's score or pattern.
      1.  If Gleason's score (2-10) is given code as follows:
          Gleason's score           Grading
            2, 3, 4             I  Well Differentiated
            5, 6, 7            II  Moderately Differentiated
            8, 9, 10          III  Poorly Differentiated
      2.  If Gleason's pattern (1-5) is given code as follows:
If a diagnosis indicates two different degrees of grade or
          Gleason's pattern         Grading
            1-2                 I  Well Differentiated
            3                  II  Moderately Differentiated
            4-5               III  Poorly Differentiated
For lymphomas and leukemias designation of T-cell, B-cell, and null cell:
Code the results of marker studies.  Code the final pathologic diagnosis
of T-cell, B-cell or null cell if marker studies are not documented
differentiation (e.g. "well and poorly differentiated"; or "grade
in the patient record.  (See page 2 of ICD-O, FT, 1987.)
For lymphomas and leukemias, information on T-cell, B-cell or null cell
has precedence over information on grading or differentiation.
II-III"; or "well differentiated grade II"), code to the higher grade
code (Rule 10, page xxxi in ICD-O, 1990).
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