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HEADER DSS Units for Event Capture (Enter/Edit)
** You must define your DSS Units with this option for subsequent options 
 - An entire service
 - A section of a service 
 - A small section within a section 
 - A medical equipment item used in patient procedures
When a DSS Unit is inactivated, all associated Event Code Screens will 
also be inactivated.  When an inactive DSS Unit is reactivated, you will
choose whether or not to reactivate the associated Event Code Screens by 
choosing "Reactivate" or "Remain Inactive."
in the Event Capture Software to work. **
When creating DSS Units, your response to the "Allow Category Use" prompt 
determines whether or not procedures are grouped by categories during 
data entry.  When editing DSS Units, the "Allow Category Use" prompt may
be changed until there are event code screens defined.  Once event code
screens have been defined the user may only change the category setting
from "Yes" to "No" to remove the use of categories.  Once set to "No",
when event code screens are defined, the user can no longer change this
The allow duplicate override prompt controls whether or not workload
entered via spreadsheet upload can create duplicate records.  If set to no
then the user may not create duplicate workload during spreadsheet 
upload.  If set to yes, the user is allowed to override the duplicate 
record message and file a duplicate record.  The default value is no as 
creation of duplicate workload is not typical.
When creating or editing DSS Units, you can choose what (if any) data 
is sent to PCE, and the method used to send it:  
 A     - Send All Records 
This option allows you to ENTER and EDIT, ACTIVATE and INACTIVATE DSS
 N     - Send No Records
 OOS - Send Occasion Of Service Records
The advantage of using Event Capture to send data to PCE is that it 
eliminates the duplicate effort of entering the same workload data in the 
Scheduling software, then transmitting to PCE.    
If a DSS Unit is set up NOT to send to PCE (No records), then:
 1.) An Associated Stop Code is required to be entered for the DSS Unit
Units for use with Event Capture.  DSS Units typically represent the
     during setup. 
 2.) A Credit Stop Code may be added. 
 3.) A CHAR4 Code may be added.
If a DSS Unit is set up to send OOS records to PCE then:
 1.) An Associated Stop Code is required to be entered for the DSS Unit
     during setup. 
Once a DSS unit is stored, its 'Send to PCE' value cannot be changed from 
smallest identifiable work unit in a clinical service at the medical
or to 'OOS'.
When deleting a DSS Unit, the prompt "The selected DSS Unit will be 
deleted. Continue?" is displayed.  If "Yes" is selected, the system will
check for any workload on the DSS Unit and its associated Event Code 
 - If there is workload on the selected DSS Unit, then the DSS Unit will 
   not be deleted.
 - If there is no workload on the selected DSS Unit, then the DSS Unit and
center and are defined by the VAMCs.  A DSS Unit can represent any of the
   its associated Event Code Screens will be deleted.
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