ECDSSYN (706)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

Name Value
HEADER Procedure Synonym/Default Volume (Enter/Edit)
** You must have access to locations, DSS Units, and categories in order 
national procedure.  This option allows you to enter, edit, and delete 
the procedure synonym, Associated Clinic, and Volume.  
It is acceptable to have multiple synonyms for a procedure, because 
the synonyms are associated with the Event Code Screens that define 
the procedures.  For data entry and reports, the software uses the   
procedure synonym, if one exists.  
Procedures that are being passed to PCE must have an Associated Clinic. 
When you enter or edit an Associated Clinic using this option, it 
to use this option. ** 
becomes the default clinic during data entry.  Likewise, when you   
enter or edit the Volume with this option, it becomes the Default 
Volume during data entry.
** You must create Event Capture locations, DSS Units, and procedures 
before using this option.  If the DSS Units use categories to group 
procedures, you must also define the categories before using this 
option. ** 
A procedure synonym is the locally-recognized name for a local or  
DATE ENTERED 1997-03-26 09:42:00