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HEADER Enter/Edit Patient Procedures
** If only one or no Category is defined for the specified DSS Unit, you 
** Procedures being passed to PCE must have an active Associated
Clinic. Procedures being passed to PCE in association with an OOS DSS unit
do not require a clinic to be selected, it will automatically be assigned
when the entry is added.**
This option allows you to enter patient procedures performed on an 
individual patient.  You should use it when you have an individual 
patient record to add or update. 
After selecting a Procedure, enter the Volume. 
cannot edit Category.**
***The ECS volume field DOES NOT capture the number of patients seen by 
ECS providers.***
Volume is usually associated with the number of procedures performed.
The volume field can be used to record and track 3 different values:
1. Number of Procedures: When a selected procedure code CONTAINS inherent
time elements (such as "30M Massage Therapy") then a volume of one is
usually entered, meaning 1 of this specific procedure/service was
2. Time: Amount of time shown in increments of minutes (M). When a 
selected procedure code DOES NOT have inherent time elements THEN the
volume field is used to capture the time spent completing the
procedure/service: 1 = 15M, 2 = 30M, 3= 45M
** If only one Procedure is defined in the DSS Unit, the Procedure field 
3. Days: Number of days patient was in VA paid facilities such as State 
Home, DOM, or a Nursing Home. When entering workload for a patient in a 
VA-Paid facility, volume of 1 means 1 day, 2 means 2 days, etc.
The Problem List is informational only, it displays a list of problems for
a patient with the following information: 
 - Problem Status
 - ICD Code
will be populated. **
 - Code Description
 - Date of Onset
 - Date of Last Modified
 - Provider
NOTE: It is imperative to understand and keep track of the values you are 
entering in the volume field and what they represent for the patients you 
are treating.
You can enter one procedure per patient. Once all fields have been 
entered, click the 'OK' button to save the record. Click the 'Cancel'
button to exit the screen without filing the record. Click the 'Add'
button to file the current record, and to initialize the form for a new
procedure to be added.
See User Manual for details on all features such as Recent Visits.
** You must answer exposure and service-connected indicators if fields 
are not disabled.** 
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