XQ HEADERS (760)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

Name Value
HEADER The Execution of Headers
again as you move down toward the trunk.  The trunk could also be the
parent of a secondary menu or XUCOMMAND for the Common Options.  So as you
move up the tree the ENTRY ACTION and then the HEADER are eexecuted.  The
option does it's thing, exits, and the EXIT ACTION is run.  Next comes the
HEADER of the menu just under the one we are returning from.  Notice that
the ENTRY ACTION did not get executed on this menu because we are moving
down the tree.
     Headers can be associated with each option in the Option File by
entering valid MUMPS code in to the HEADER Field: ^DIC(19,Option IEN,26).
From the front page of OPED go to "Executables" and answer "YES" to edit
it.  The code in the header field is executed each time an option is
referenced on the user stack.
     If you think of a menu tree with a Primary Menu as it's trunk, the
HEADER will be executed as you move up the tree into the branches, and
DATE ENTERED 1998-04-21 12:11:00