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HEADER Creating the List of Users
    At the prompt 'Name: ' you may enter a users name,
       or  -  preceding a user's name to remove that user
              from the list you are building,
       or  ^  to quit and exit the program,
       or  ?  for a brief help prompt,
       or  ??  to see this help screen again,
       or  ???  to see a list of Users and Options chosen so far,
       or  ????  to see the User File,
       or  ?????  to get more information about Secure Menu
    You are creating a list of users who will have the authority
                   Management Delegation,
       or  <RETURN> to begin building the list of options.
and the responsibility to manage a set of options.  This list may
contain one or more users.  In a moment you will begin building the
subset of options which will be either added to, or removed from, the
set of options that the people on this list are allowed to manage.
All options specified apply to all people on this list.  For instance,
if you specify a list of 20 people and a set of 5 options to be 
added, all 20 people will be allowed to manage those 5 options.  
DATE ENTERED 1989-01-24 15:19:00