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HEADER Allocating Keys
of the keys that you possess which are needed to run the options
you delegated.  You will then be asked "Do you wish to proceed Y//"
If you answer 'Y' to this second yes/no prompt the keys listed
will be awarded to all delegates listed.  If you answer 'N' to this
question you will be allowed to add or subtract users and/or keys
before returning to the "Do you wish to proceed" question.
   In order to award a key you must first possess the key yourself.
If an option that you have delegated is locked with a key you do
not own the option will remain locked.  Keys, like options, may
be distributed through regular channels as well as through this
   At least one of the options you have selected has been locked
MenuMan Delegation system.
with a key that you possess.  You may now award the key(s) required
to the delegates you have selected if you want to.  If you answer
'Y' to this prompt you will branch to the key distribution program.
If you answer 'N' to this prompt no key distribution will be 
   Should you choose to allocate keys at this time by answering 'Y'
you will see a list of the delegates you have selected and a list
DATE ENTERED 1989-01-20 00:00:00