XQSMD-OK (84)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

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HEADER Do we understand each other?
   This question is giving you one, last chance to verify
will be taken and the program will cycle back to choose
another user who's options you wish to transfer, etc.
   After you have answered yes to this prompt, and after
all of the options of the first user have been removed
(if you choose to remove them) then you will be shown
the list of options you have specified and allowed to
add or subtract options from this list and/or specify
yet another user who will be delegated the options in the
final list.
what you are about to do.  If you answer yes ('Y') you
will transfer the options currently held by the first
user you specified to the second user you chose.  In
addition, if you have answered yes to the question:
"Should ALL delegated options be removed...."  the 
options currently held by the first user will be removed
from him and he will no longer be a delegate of anyone.
   If you answer no ('N') to this prompt then no action
DATE ENTERED 1989-01-20 00:00:00