Name Value
HEADER Delegation Level
   The Delegation Level of a particular delegate is a field
   No attempt is actually made to determine who actually
works for whom since those data are not available to the
software.  Delegation chains should therefore be constructed 
with some care.
   In order to modify the set of options delegated to a 
particular person you must have a Delegation Level equal to,
or less than, the person you are trying to modify. 
   If you create a new delegate by delegating some (or all)
of the options delegated to you that person will have a Delegation
Level equal to your level +1.
in the User File that contains a number specifying the number
   It may be necessary to modify Delegation Levels using the
VA FileMan as the organization's stucture changes over time.
of steps that that person is away from the original delegation
of options by the Site Manager (who's Delegation Level is 0)
   For instance, if the Site Manager delegates all laboratory
options to the Lab Application Coordinator (LAC), the LAC
will have a Delegation Level of 1.  Should the LAC further
delegate a set of those options to the Chief of Chenistry, 
the Chief would have a level of 2, and so on.
DATE ENTERED 1989-01-20 00:00:00