XM-U-P-BANNER (939)    HELP FRAME (9.2)

Name Value
  * Your MailMan banner is displayed to anyone addressing a message to
    you. This is useful, for example, if you will be on vacation and
    wish to let others know that mail will not be regularly checked.
  * Your banner is also displayed whenever you enter the MailMan menu,
    so that you will not forget to change or delete it when it is no
    longer appropriate.
  * Your MailMan Banner is also displayed to you or others when using the
    User Information option on the Help (User/Group Info., etc.) menu to
The MailMan Banner is used to display any information that you want other
    obtain information about you.
Banners can range from 2 to 200 characters in length and can contain
any combination of numbers, alphabetic characters, symbols (e.g., #,
$, %, &, *), and punctuation marks.
You can enter or change your banner using either of two methods:
  * Use the User Options Edit option with the 'BANNER:' prompt.
MailMan users to see. Banners can be used to list business information,
  * Use the Banner Edit option on the Personal Preferences menu.
NOTE: The banner is not displayed when a group of users is selected.
personal information, favorite quotes, etc., whatever you feel is
appropriate in a business environment. You are not required to have a
MailMan Banner; it is up to you to decide.
Banners are displayed in the following three instances:
DATE ENTERED 1989-06-09 00:00:00