DI*21.0*31 (247)    BUILD (9.6)

Name Value
NAME DI*21.0*31
DATE DISTRIBUTED 1996-10-08 00:00:00
This patch fixes the following problem:
         MSM Sites - Restart Taskman.
    12.  Enable users' login.
Routine Summary:
The following routine is included in this patch. The second line of
this routines now looks like:
  <tab>;;21.0;VA FileMan;**[patch list]**;Dec 28, 1994
  Routine Name   Before Patch    After Patch     Patch List
  ============   ============    ===========     ==========
  DICU1          5260389         5299469         17,8,31
Installation Instructions:
    1.  AXP Sites - Although routine mapping is NOT recommended for this
routine, your mapped set may include routines not usually recommended for
1. PCE sites have reported sluggish performance. Skip Ormsby at 
mapping. If this routine is in your local map set, disable mapping for it
before proceeding with the installation, and rebuild your map set
afterward before reactivating TaskMan.
    2.  Use the 'INSTALL/CHECK MESSAGE' option on the PackMan menu. This
option will load the KIDS package onto your system.  The environment
check routine, DIENV, will run automatically.
    DIENV is sent to prevent the inadvertent queuing of the installation
of this patch.
Clarksburg has tracked this to the activities of the FileMan Lister when 
    3.  The patch has now been loaded into a transport global on your
system. You now need to use KIDS to install the transport global.
    4.  On the KIDS menu, under the 'Installation' menu, use the
following options:
           Print Transport Global
           Compare Transport Global to Current System
           Verify Checksums in Transport Global
it is used on the ICD9 file. The ICD9 file lacks a B index, and the 
           Backup a Transport Global
    5.  Inhibit users from login into the system.  The consequence of
having users on the system while installing this patch is that users
looking up records will get a 'source routine edited' error.  Although
this routine is not heavily used in DHCP applications yet, it is
used increasingly in new application such as PCE.
    6.  AXP Sites - Place Taskman in a WAIT State.
        MSM Sites - STOP Taskman.
Lister recreates and later deletes a temporary B index before each call 
    7.  On the KIDS menu, under the 'Installation' menu, use the
following option:
              Select Installation Option: Install Package(s)
              Select INSTALL NAME: DI*21.0*31
              Answer 'NO' to 'Want to DISABLE Scheduled Options, Menu
Options, and Protocols?
for that file. The Lister should only do that when asked to use the 
    8.  MSM Sites - Answer YES to the question 'Want to MOVE routines to
other CPUs?'.
     Then enter the names of your other Compute and Print server(s).
     NOTE: You will then see the following message:
     TASKMAN is not running. You must run the routine XPDCPU in the
production UCI for each of the VOLUME SETS you have listed once the
missing B index, but always does due to a bug introduced by DI*21*8. 
installation starts!!
    9.  MSM Sites - After the installation begins, you will be prompted
to enter a DEVICE.  After the device has been entered, KIDS will pause.
At this time, you need to go to each of the CPUs that were entered in
step 8, and start a job that will allow them to receive the patched
routines.  On each one, you do the following:
    a) >D ^XUP    This will set up the programming environment.
After installing this patch, PCE's performance should noticeably improve.
    b) >D ^XPDCPU This starts the job that receives the patched routines.
    c) Select INSTALL NAME: DI*21.0*31
The installation will then continue.
    10.  AXP Sites - After the patch has been installed and IF you
disabled your map set (step 1 above), rebuild your map set.
    11.  AXP Sites - Remove Taskman from WAIT State.
    • DICU1
      CHECKSUM:   B23416034