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Global: ^DG(27.18

Package: Registration

Global: ^DG(27.18


FileMan FileNo FileMan Filename Package
27.18 PENSION AWARD REASONS Registration


Directly Accessed By Routines, Total: 3

Package Total Routines
Registration 3 ^DG(27.18    DGENUPL1    DGENUPL4    

Accessed By FileMan Db Calls, Total: 3

Package Total Routines
Registration 3 DGRP7CP    DGRPX75    VAFHLZE2    

Pointed To By FileMan Files, Total: 1

Package Total FileMan Files
Registration 1 PATIENT(#2)[.3852.3854.3855.3856.3857]    

Fields, Total: 2

Field # Name Loc Type Details
************************REQUIRED FIELD************************

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:$L(X)>120!($L(X)<1)!'(X'?1P.E) X
  • LAST EDITED:  JUN 08, 2011
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Answer must be 1-120 characters in length.
    This is the reason for the Pension Award.
    1)= S ^DG(27.18,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^DG(27.18,"B",$E(X,1,30),DA)

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:$L(X)>12!($L(X)<1) X
  • LAST EDITED:  JUN 08, 2011
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Enter a Pension Award Reason Code (1-12 characters).
    The code identifies the Pension Award Reason.
    1)= S ^DG(27.18,"C",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    2)= K ^DG(27.18,"C",$E(X,1,30),DA)

Found Entries, Total: 165

REASON: Accrued Payable - Reimbursement    REASON: Accrued Payable - Relationship    REASON: Additional Disability Withholding    REASON: Adjusted Protected 1978 IVAP    REASON: Administrative Error    REASON: Allotment Adjustment    REASON: Apportionment Granted    REASON: Apportionment Rate Change    
REASON: Apportionment Terminated    REASON: Award Rate Overridden Due to Change in Legislation    REASON: Award Rate Overridden Due to System Error    REASON: Beneficiary Error    REASON: Benefit Change to Compensation    REASON: Benefit Change to Improved Pension    REASON: Benefit Eligibility Adjustment    REASON: Benefit Eligibility Adjustment - Pension    
REASON: CONV - Adjustment (Child Award)    REASON: CONV - Change of Payee or Suspended    REASON: CONV - Character of Discharge is a Bar    REASON: CONV - Child in Another Award Reaches 18    REASON: CONV - Child in Another Award Terminates School    REASON: CONV - Computer Substitute    REASON: CONV - Dependent Added    REASON: CONV - Disability Not Permanent and Total    
REASON: CONV - Disability Not Shown at Last Exam    REASON: CONV - Disability Not Shown by Evidence    REASON: CONV - Disability Zero Percent    REASON: CONV - Disability or Death Not Due to Service    REASON: CONV - Disability/Death Not in Line of Duty    REASON: CONV - Election of VA or Other Benefits    REASON: CONV - Failure to Report for Examination    REASON: CONV - Grant Of A/A For Spouse    
REASON: CONV - Insufficient or No Qualifying Service    REASON: CONV - No Military Service    REASON: CONV - Other Reason    REASON: CONV - Payment of Attorney Fees    REASON: CONV - Protected Rate    REASON: CONV - Reduction Due to Award of DEA    REASON: CONV - Relationship Not Established    REASON: CONV - Retire Pay (Spec Law 06) On Awd Line    
REASON: CONV - SEV/SEP/TORT Contained in Monthly Adjsmt    REASON: CONV - SEV/SEP/TORT Offset & RMNG BAL Starts Here    REASON: CONV - Undetermined Withholding    REASON: CONV - Veteran - Surviving Spouse Hospitalized    REASON: CONV - Veteran on Active Duty/Drill Pay Adjustment    REASON: Change in Disability Level    REASON: Change in Number of Parents    REASON: Change in Parent Status    
REASON: Change in Spouse Status    REASON: Child Conceived Prior to Vietnam Service    REASON: Child Deceased    REASON: Child Status Change    REASON: Compensation Rating Adjustment    REASON: Conversion PFOP    REASON: Conversion Recoup and PFOP    REASON: Conversion Recoupment    
REASON: Converted Award    REASON: Cost of Living Adjustment    REASON: Countable Income Adjustment    REASON: Custody Status Change    REASON: DIC Spouse Award Status Change    REASON: DIC-Spouse Minor Child Rate Adjustment    REASON: Death of Beneficiary    REASON: Disability Due to a Familial Disorder    
REASON: Disability Not Permanent    REASON: Disability Not Related to Vietnam Service    REASON: Disability a Result of Birth Related Injury    REASON: Disability a Result of Fetal/Neo-natal Infirmity    REASON: Discharge Adjustment    REASON: Drill Pay Adjustment    REASON: EVR Adjustment    REASON: Eligible Helpless Child    
REASON: Eligible School Child    REASON: Entitled to A&A    REASON: Entitled to MOD Benefit    REASON: Estate Adjustment    REASON: Failed to Furnish Requested Evidence    REASON: Forfeiture    REASON: Fraud    REASON: Fraud Adjustment    
REASON: Fugitive Felon    REASON: Gain of Dependent    REASON: Gross Rate Additional Amount    REASON: Gross Rate Replacement Amount    REASON: Helpless Child Adjustment    REASON: Hospitalized Basic Pension Adjustment    REASON: Hospitalized SMC Adjustment    REASON: IVM Adjustment    
REASON: Incarceration Adjustment    REASON: Individual Unemployability Adjustment    REASON: Institutionalization Adjustment    REASON: Loss of Dependent    REASON: Manually Entered Rate    REASON: Maximum Annual Pension Rate    REASON: Medicaid Adjustment    REASON: Minor Child Adjustment    
REASON: Net Worth Adjustment    REASON: No Entitlement to Benefit Sought    REASON: No Longer A&A    REASON: No Longer Helpless    REASON: No Qualifying Birth Defect Exists    REASON: No Qualifying Vietnam Service    REASON: No Spina Bifida Condition Exists    REASON: Not Currently Disabling    
REASON: Not a Natural Child of the Veteran    REASON: Original Award    REASON: Original Grant by SSA    REASON: Other    REASON: Other Concurrent Entitlement Adjustment    REASON: Other Recoupment    REASON: Other Withholding Adjustment    REASON: Parent Marital Status Change    
REASON: Parent's Vietnam Service NOT Established    REASON: Pension Rating Adjustment    REASON: Philippine Adjustment    REASON: Preserve Net Rate Amount    REASON: RECA Adjustment    REASON: Rating Effective Date Backed UP For Conversion    REASON: Rating Effective Date for Conversion    REASON: Recoupment of Disability Severance Pay    
REASON: Recoupment of Separation Pay    REASON: Recoupment of Tort Settlement    REASON: Recurring Benefit Established    REASON: Reduction Due to Administrative Error    REASON: Renouncement    REASON: Reopened Award    REASON: Retired Pay Adjustment    REASON: Reverify Entitlement Annually    
REASON: SSA Rate Change    REASON: School Child Adjustment    REASON: Special Monthly Compensation Adjustment    REASON: Special Monthly Entitlement Adjustment    REASON: Special Monthly Pension Adjustment    REASON: Spina Bifida Occulta    REASON: Terminated by SSA    REASON: Terminated by SSA-Excessive Earnings    
REASON: Terminated by SSA-Marriage    REASON: Terminated by SSA-Marriage of Surviving Spouse    REASON: Terminated by SSA-Turns 18    REASON: Terminated by SSA-Widow Under 60 w/No Dependent    REASON: Terminated-Age 18    REASON: Terminated-Age 23    REASON: Terminated-CH 18 Birth Defects is Greater    REASON: Terminated-Change to Compensation    
REASON: Terminated-Elected Chapter 35    REASON: Terminated-Elected Compensation    REASON: Terminated-Elected DIC    REASON: Terminated-Elected Improved Pension    REASON: Terminated-Elected Under 0th Parent-Same Par Line    REASON: Terminated-IVAP    REASON: Terminated-Incarceration    REASON: Terminated-Incarceration/No Apportionment    
REASON: Terminated-Marriage    REASON: Terminated-Net Worth    REASON: Terminated-No Longer Dependent    REASON: Terminated-No Longer Helpless    REASON: Terminated-Other    REASON: Terminated-School Termination    REASON: Total Withholding Adjustment    REASON: Total Withholding Adjustment - Pension    
REASON: Treason    REASON: Undetermined BDN Apportionment Paid/Due Audit Reqd Veteran NOT Female    REASON: Veteran NOT Female    REASON: Whereabouts Unknown    REASON: Workers Compensation Adjustment    

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^DG(27.18 - [#27.18] .01(XREF 1S), .01(XREF 1K), 1(XREF 1S), 1(XREF 1K)

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
>> DA .01(XREF 1S), .01(XREF 1K), 1(XREF 1S), 1(XREF 1K)
X .01+1!, .01(XREF 1S), .01(XREF 1K), 1+1!, 1(XREF 1S), 1(XREF 1K)
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