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Package: National VistA Support

Package: National VistA Support


Namespace: NVS 


VA documentation in the VistA Documentation Library

Dependency Graph

Call Graph

Package Dependency List, Total: 7

Format:   package[# of caller routines(R) -> # of called routines(R): # of global-accessing routines(R) -> # of called globals(G): # of caller fileman files(F) -> # of called fileman files(F): # of caller routines(R) -> # of fileman files accessed via db call(F): # of package components accessing routines(PC) -> # of called routines(R): # of caller globals(G) -> # of called routines (R): # of caller globals(G) -> # of called globals (G):

Kernel [9(R)->(R)12:4(R)->(G)5]   VA FileMan [8(R)->(R)5:2(R)->(G)2]   MailMan [2(R)->(R)1:2(R)->(G)2]   Temporary Globals [4(R)->(G)6]   RPC Broker [1(R)->(R)1]   Toolkit [1(R)->(R)1]   
Uncategorized [1(R)->(G)1]   

Routines, Total: 19

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