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Routine: BPSFLD01

Package: E Claims Management Engine

Routine: BPSFLD01


BPSFLD01 ;ALB/SS - ePharmacy secondary billing - COB fields processing ;27-FEB-09

Source Information

Source file <BPSFLD01.m>

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
SET337 ; 337-4C Other Payments Count
; This field is used twice.
; The total count is stored in 9002313.0201,337. BPSOPIEN is not defined for this case.
; The individual counter is stored in 9002313.0401,.01 where BPSOPIEN is defined.
SET338 ; 338-5C Other Payer Coverage Type
SET339 ; 339-6C Other Payer ID Qualifier
SET340 ; 340-7C Other Payer ID
SET443 ; 443-E8 Other Payer Date
SET341 ; 341-HB Other Payer Amount Paid Count
SET471 ; 471-5E Other Payer Reject Count
SET342 ; 342-HC Other Payer Amount Paid Qualifier
; .01 field in the 9002313.401342 sub-file
SET431 ; 431-DV Other Payer Amount Paid
SET472 ; 472-6E Other Payer Reject Code
; .01 field in the 9002313.401472 sub-file
SET353 ; 353-NR Other Payer-Patient Responsibility Amount Count
SET351 ; 351-NP Other Payer-Patient Responsibility Amount Qualifier
SET352 ; 352-NQ Other Payer-Patient Responsibility Amount Paid
SET392 ; 392-MU Benefit Stage Count
SET393 ; 393-MV Benefit Stage Qualifier
SET394 ; 394-MW Benefit Stage Amount
SET2149 ; C49-9V Other Payer-Patient Reconciliation ID

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^BPSC - [#9002313.02] SET337+5*, SET337+7*, SET337+8*, SET337+9*, SET338+1*, SET339+1*, SET340+1*, SET443+1*, SET341+1*, SET471+1*
SET342+3*, SET342+4*, SET342+5*, SET431+2*, SET431+4*, SET472+3*, SET472+4*, SET472+5*, SET353+1*, SET351+2*
SET351+3*, SET351+4*, SET352+2*, SET392+1*, SET393+2*, SET393+3*, SET393+4*, SET394+2*, SET2149+2*

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
>> BPS( SET337+5, SET337+7, SET337+8, SET337+9, SET338+1, SET339+1, SET340+1, SET443+1, SET341+1, SET471+1
SET342+3, SET342+4, SET342+5, SET431+2, SET431+4, SET472+3, SET472+4, SET472+5, SET353+1, SET351+2
SET351+3, SET351+4, SET352+2, SET392+1, SET393+2, SET393+3, SET393+4, SET394+2, SET2149+2
>> BPS("X" SET337+5, SET337+7, SET337+8, SET338+1, SET339+1, SET340+1, SET443+1, SET341+1, SET471+1, SET342+3
SET342+4, SET431+2, SET431+4, SET472+3, SET472+4, SET353+1, SET351+2, SET352+2, SET392+1, SET393+2
SET394+2, SET2149+2
>> BPSCOUNT SET351+1, SET351+2, SET351+3, SET351+4, SET352+1, SET352+2
>> BPSOAIEN SET342+2, SET342+3, SET342+4, SET342+5, SET431+1, SET431+2, SET393+1, SET393+2, SET393+3, SET393+4
SET394+1, SET394+2
>> BPSOPIEN SET337+5, SET337+7, SET337+8, SET337+9, SET338+1, SET339+1, SET340+1, SET443+1, SET341+1, SET471+1
SET342+2, SET342+3, SET342+4, SET342+5, SET431+1, SET431+2, SET472+2, SET472+3, SET472+4, SET472+5
SET353+1, SET351+1, SET351+2, SET351+3, SET351+4, SET352+1, SET352+2, SET392+1, SET393+1, SET393+2
SET393+3, SET393+4, SET394+1, SET394+2, SET2149+1, SET2149+2
>> BPSORIEN SET472+2, SET472+3, SET472+4, SET472+5
U SET337+5, SET337+7, SET337+9, SET338+1, SET339+1, SET340+1, SET443+1, SET341+1, SET471+1, SET342+3
SET342+5, SET431+2, SET431+4, SET472+3, SET472+5, SET353+1, SET351+2, SET351+4, SET352+2, SET392+1
SET393+2, SET393+4, SET394+2, SET2149+2
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