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Routine: BPSOSSG

Package: E Claims Management Engine

Routine: BPSOSSG


BPSOSSG ;BHAM ISC/SD/lwj/FLS - Special gets for formats ;06/01/2004

Source Information

Source file <BPSOSSG.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 4

Package Total Call Graph
E Claims Management Engine 2 ($$ANFF,$$DFF,$$NFF)^BPSECFM  (LOG2CLM,LOGARAY2)^BPSOSL  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 1

Package Total Caller Graph
E Claims Management Engine 1 BPSOSCE  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
FLD420 ; Submission Clarification Code
; place fields 354 and 420 into BPS CLAIMS
; called by SET CODE in BPS NCPDPD FIELD DEFS for field 420
FLD439 ;Reason for service code
FLD440 ;Professional Service Code
FLD441 ;Result of Service Code
FLD473 ;DUR/PPS code counter - called from SET logic in BPS NCPDP Field Defs
FLD474 ;DUR/PPS level of effort - called from set logic in BPS NCPDP Field
FLD475 ;DUR Co-agent ID Qualifier - called from set logic in BPS NCPDP Field
FLD476 ;DUR Co-agent ID - called from set logic in BPS NCPDP Field
FLD480 ; Other Amount Claimed Submitted field
; Called by set logic in BPS NCPDP Field DEFS for field 480
; Sets fields 478, 479, and 480 into BPS Claims
; 478-H7 Other Amount Claimed Count
; 479-H8 Other Amount Claimed Submitted Qualifier
; 480-H9 Other Amount Claimed Submitted
FLDD02 ; Total Prescribed Quantity Remaining field (D02-KW)
; called by SET CODE in BPS NCPDP Field DEFS for field 2202 (D02-KW)
EMPL ;Get employer info
; This by GET logic in BPS NCPDP Field Defs for field 315 (Employer Name)
; DMB 11/13/2006 - It makes some sense to only set these fields if
; they exist on the payer sheet. However, it assumes that the
; employer name field will always be before the other fields and
; that the other fields will not exist without the Employer Name
; field. For now, leave this be as these fields are on the
; Worker's Comp segment, which we do not do. We may want to evaluate
; if we were to ever add the Worker's Comp segment

External References

Name Field # of Occurrence
$$NFF^BPSECFM FLD420+21, FLD420+29, FLD480+26, FLDD02+24
UPDATE^DIE FLD420+23, FLD480+21

FileMan Files Accessed Via FileMan Db Call

FileNo Call Tags
^DPT - [#2] GETS^DIQ

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^BPSC - [#9002313.02] FLD420+29*, FLD439+3*, FLD440+3*, FLD441+3*, FLD473+2*, FLD473+3*, FLD473+4*, FLD474+2*, FLD475+2*, FLD476+2*
FLD480+26*, FLDD02+24*
^BPSF(9002313.91 - [#9002313.91] FLD420+8
^DIC(5 - [#5] EMPL+17
^PSRX - [#52] FLDD02+18

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
>> BPS( FLD420+4, FLD420+7!, FLD420+10, FLD420+11, FLD420+12, FLD420+13, FLD420+14, FLD420+16, FLD420+17, FLD420+19
FLD420+21, FLD420+25, FLD420+26, FLD420+29, FLD439+3, FLD440+3, FLD441+3, FLD473+2, FLD473+3, FLD473+4
FLD474+2, FLD475+2, FLD476+2, FLD480+7, FLD480+8, FLD480+9, FLD480+12!, FLD480+14, FLD480+15, FLD480+17
FLD480+18, FLD480+19, FLD480+23, FLD480+24, FLD480+26, FLDD02+3*, FLDD02+4, FLDD02+5, FLDD02+9, FLDD02+10
FLDD02+12, FLDD02+15, FLDD02+24
>> BPS("Employer" EMPL+11*, EMPL+12*, EMPL+13*, EMPL+14*, EMPL+15*, EMPL+16, EMPL+17*, EMPL+18*, EMPL+19*
>> BPS("OVERRIDE" FLD420+10, FLD420+12
>> BPS("Patient" EMPL+9, EMPL+10, EMPL+11, EMPL+12, EMPL+13, EMPL+14, EMPL+15, EMPL+18, EMPL+19
>> BPS("RX" FLD420+11!, FLD420+13*, FLD420+14, FLD420+16, FLD420+17, FLD420+21, FLD480+9, FLD480+14, FLD480+15, FLD480+18
FLD480+19, FLDD02+9, FLDD02+10, FLDD02+12, FLDD02+15
>> BPS("X" FLD439+3, FLD440+3, FLD441+3, FLD473+2, FLD473+3, FLD474+2, FLDD02+23*, FLDD02+24
>> BPS02 FLDD02+3
BPSCNTR FLD420+6~, FLD420+15*, FLD420+18*, FLD420+19, FLD420+21, FLD420+23, FLD420+29, FLD480+11~, FLD480+13*, FLD480+16*
FLD480+17, FLD480+18, FLD480+19, FLD480+21, FLD480+26
CNT FLD420+6~, FLD420+15*, FLD420+16*, FLD420+17, FLD420+21, FLD480+11~, FLD480+13*, FLD480+14*, FLD480+15, FLD480+18
>> DUR FLD439+3, FLD440+3, FLD441+3, FLD473+2, FLD473+3, FLD473+4, FLD474+2, FLD475+2, FLD476+2
EMPL(2 EMPL+11, EMPL+12, EMPL+13, EMPL+14, EMPL+15, EMPL+18, EMPL+19
FDA FLD420+6~, FLD480+11~
FDA( FLD420+19*, FLD420+21*, FLD480+17*, FLD480+18*, FLD480+19*
FLDIEN FLD420+6~, FLD420+8*, FLD420+10, FLD420+12
I FLD420+6~, FLD420+13*, FLDD02+7~, FLDD02+17*, FLDD02+18*
MSG FLD420+6~, FLD420+24, FLD480+11~, FLD480+22
PREVFILLS FLDD02+7~, FLDD02+12*, FLDD02+21
QTY FLDD02+7~, FLDD02+10*, FLDD02+11, FLDD02+21
REFILLS FLDD02+7~, FLDD02+9*, FLDD02+11
RTS FLDD02+7~, FLDD02+16*, FLDD02+18*, FLDD02+21
RXIEN FLDD02+7~, FLDD02+15*, FLDD02+17, FLDD02+18
SCC FLD420+6~, FLD420+12*, FLD420+13
TOTALDISP FLDD02+7~, FLDD02+21*, FLDD02+23
TOTALQTY FLDD02+7~, FLDD02+11*, FLDD02+23
U FLD420+29, FLD439+3, FLD440+3, FLD441+3, FLD473+2, FLD474+2, FLD475+2, FLD476+2, FLD480+26, FLDD02+24

Marked Items

Name Field # of Occurrence
$T( FLD420+25, FLD480+23
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