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Routine: HLCSAS

Package: Health Level Seven

Routine: HLCSAS


HLCSAS ;ISCSF/RWF - MPI direct connect server ;09/23/2005 14:36

Source Information

Source file <HLCSAS.m>

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
LISTEN ;only for OpenM
DSM ;%=device^HLDP
CACHE ;%=device^HLDP
MSM ;Entry point from MSERVER
ONT ;Cache/OpenM
LINUX ;RRA HL*169 add entry point for LINUX
SVR ;Entry point when we have a connect
HELO ;Process HELO
DATA ;Process DATA
; The DATA cmd can pass some parameters as well, this could be passed
; to the processing routine also.
TURN ;Turn and send responce
QUIT ;Process QUIT
CREAD ;Read a string
SEND(MSG) ;Send a cmd MSG
SETUP ;Setup needed variables

Interaction Calls

Name Line Occurrences
Function Call: READ
  • Variable: X#1
  • Timeout: HLDREAD
  • Line Location: CREAD+3
Function Call: WRITE
  • Prompt: MSG,$C(13,10),!
  • Line Location: SEND+3
Info |  Source |  Entry Points |  Interaction Calls