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Routine: HLFNC1

Package: Health Level Seven

Routine: HLFNC1


HLFNC1 ;AISC/SAW,JRP-Continuation of HLFNC, Additional Functions/Calls Used for HL7 Messages ;11/30/94 15:01

Source Information

Source file <HLFNC1.m>

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 5

Package Total Caller Graph
Registration 2 VAFEDOHL  VAFEOHL1  
Automated Lab Instruments 1 LA7UID2  
Health Level Seven 1 HLTRANS  
Income Verification Match 1 IVMUFNC  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
HLFLDS(APP,SEG) ;Returns HL7 fields used by a DHCP application for a
  • ICR #10107
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Supported
    MSH(HLMTN,HLSEC) ;Create an MSH Segment for an Outgoing HL7 Message
  • ICR #10107
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Supported
    BHS(HLMTN,HLSEC,HLMSA) ;Create a BHS Segment for an Outgoing HL7 Batch Message
  • ICR #10107
    • Status: Active
    • Usage: Supported

    Global Variables Directly Accessed

    Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
    ^HL(771 - [#771] HLFLDS+14, HLFLDS+16, HLFLDS+18
    ^HL(771.3 - [#771.3] HLFLDS+15
    ^HL(772 - [#772] MSH+18, MSH+22, BHS+27

    Local Variables


    >> Not killed explicitly
    * Changed
    ! Killed
    ~ Newed

    Name Field # of Occurrence
    BHS BHS+25~, BHS+43*, BHS+44*, BHS+45*, BHS+47
    BID BHS+25~, BHS+28*, BHS+29, BHS+45
    BRID BHS+25~, BHS+39*, BHS+41*, BHS+45
    FIELD10 BHS+25~, BHS+33*, BHS+35*, BHS+37*, BHS+45
    FIELD9 BHS+25~, BHS+31*, BHS+45
    >> HLDA MSH+17, MSH+18, MSH+22, BHS+27
    >> HLDAN MSH+26, BHS+43
    >> HLDT1 MSH+27, BHS+44
    >> HLECH MSH+26, BHS+31, BHS+35, BHS+36, BHS+37, BHS+40, BHS+43
    >> HLFS MSH+26, MSH+27, MSH+28, BHS+43, BHS+44, BHS+45
    HLMSA BHS~, BHS+22*, BHS+34, BHS+35, BHS+36, BHS+40
    HLMTN MSH~, MSH+13, MSH+28, BHS~, BHS+20, BHS+31
    >> HLNDAP0 MSH+14, MSH+26, MSH+27, BHS+23, BHS+43, BHS+44
    >> HLPID MSH+28, BHS+31
    HLSEC MSH~, MSH+15*, MSH+28, BHS~, BHS+21*, BHS+45
    >> HLVER MSH+28, BHS+31
    MID MSH+20~, MSH+23*, MSH+24, MSH+28
    MSH MSH+20~, MSH+26*, MSH+27*, MSH+28*, MSH+30
    NODE MSH+20~, MSH+22*, MSH+23
    TMP BHS+25~, BHS+27*, BHS+28, BHS+36*, BHS+37, BHS+40*, BHS+41
    X HLFLDS+15~*, HLFLDS+16*, HLFLDS+18
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