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Package: Enterprise Health Management Platform



HMPDGMRA ;SLC/MKB,ASMR/RRB,BL,JD - Allergy/Reaction extract;Aug 29, 2016 20:06:27

Source Information

Source file <HMPDGMRA.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 7

Package Total Call Graph
Adverse Reaction Tracking 2 EN1^GMRADPT  EN1^GMRAOR2  
Enterprise Health Management Platform 2 ($$ESC,$$FAC,$$STRING,$$VUID)^HMPD  LOGDPT^HMPLOG  
National Drug File 2 $$B^PSN50P41  C^PSN50P65  
VA FileMan 1 ^%DT  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 1

Package Total Caller Graph
Enterprise Health Management Platform 1 HMPDJ02  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
EN(DFN,BEG,END,MAX,IFN) ; -- find patient's allergies/reactions
EN1(ID,REAC) ; -- return a reaction in REAC("attribute")=value
; from EN: expects GMRAL(ID)
VA200(NAME) ; -- Return ien^name from #200
DATE(X) ; -- Return internal form of date X
DFO(X) ; -- Return 'DFO' string for mechanism name(s)
XML(REAC) ; -- Return patient reaction as XML
; as <element code='123' displayName='ABC' />
ADD(X) ; Add a line @HMP@(n)=X

External References

Name Field # of Occurrence
$$ESC^HMPD XML+10, XML+12, XML+19, XML+23, XML+26
$$FAC^HMPD EN+12, EN1+5
$$VUID^HMPD EN1+8, EN1+18, EN1+32, EN1+37
$$B^PSN50P41 EN1+29
C^PSN50P65 EN1+35

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^TMP($J EN1+36
^VA(200 - [#200] VA200+2

Label References

Name Line Occurrences
$$DATE EN1+4
$$DFO EN1+11
$$VA200 EN1+22
ADD XML+3, XML+4, XML+6, XML+13, XML+14, XML+16, XML+20, XML+21, XML+27, XML+28
EN1 EN+7, EN+15
XML EN+7, EN+13, EN+16

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
%DT DATE+1~, DATE+2*
ATT XML+2~, XML+4*, XML+5, XML+7, XML+15, XML+16, XML+17, XML+18, XML+22, XML+23
, XML+25
BEG EN~, EN+3*, EN1+4
DFN EN~, EN+2*
END EN~, EN+3*, EN1+4
GMRA EN+1~, EN1+2~, EN1+3*, EN1+6, EN1+7, EN1+11, EN1+38
GMRAL EN+1~, EN+10, EN+11
GMRAL( EN+14, EN1+3, EN1+16, EN1+17
>> HMP ADD+2
HMPCNT EN+1~, EN+3*, EN+14, EN+16*
>> HMPI ADD+1*, ADD+2
HMPITM EN+1~, EN+7, EN+13, EN+15!, EN+16
HMPITM("assessment" EN+11*
HMPITM("facility" EN+12*
HMPN EN+1~, EN+14*, EN+15
HMPY EN1+2~, EN1+4, EN1+6, EN1+9, EN1+10, EN1+11, EN1+12
HMPY("C" EN1+20, EN1+21, EN1+24
HMPY("I" EN1+28, EN1+30
HMPY("O" EN1+13
HMPY("V" EN1+33, EN1+34
I EN1+2~, EN1+13*, EN1+16*, EN1+17, EN1+18, EN1+20*, EN1+21, EN1+24, EN1+26, EN1+30*
, EN1+32, EN1+34*, EN1+37, DFO+1~, DFO+2*, XML+2~, XML+6*, XML+7*, XML+8, XML+17*
, XML+18
ID EN1~, EN1+3, EN1+6, EN1+16, EN1+17
IEN EN1+31~*, EN1+32, EN1+36~*, EN1+37
J EN1+2~, EN1+24*
MAX EN~, EN+3*, EN+14
NAME VA200~, VA200+1*, VA200+2
NM XML+2~, XML+16*, XML+21
P DFO+1~, DFO+2*, XML+2~, XML+19*, XML+26*
REAC EN1~, EN1+2!, XML~
REAC( XML+4, XML+7, XML+15, XML+17, XML+18, XML+22
REAC("comment" EN1+26*
REAC("drugClass" EN1+37*
REAC("drugIngredient" EN1+32*
REAC("entered" EN1+4*
REAC("facility" EN1+5*
REAC("id" EN1+6*
REAC("localCode" EN1+8*
REAC("mechanism" EN1+9*
REAC("name" EN1+6*
REAC("reaction" EN1+18*
REAC("removed" EN1+38*
REAC("severity" EN1+14*
REAC("source" EN1+10*
REAC("type" EN1+11*
REAC("verified" EN1+12*
REAC("vuid" EN1+8*
ROOT EN1+29~*, EN1+31
SEV EN1+2~, EN1+13*, EN1+14
TAG XML+2~, XML+19*, XML+26*
TXT EN1+2~, EN1+21!, EN1+25
TXT( EN1+24*
U EN1+4, EN1+6, EN1+7, EN1+9, EN1+10, EN1+11, EN1+12, EN1+13, EN1+18, EN1+22
, EN1+23, EN1+26, EN1+32, EN1+35, EN1+36, EN1+37, VA200+2, XML+9, XML+10, XML+11
, XML+12, XML+19, XML+26
X EN1+2~, EN1+4*, EN1+7*, EN1+8, EN1+9*, EN1+10*, EN1+13*, EN1+17*, EN1+18, EN1+21*
, EN1+22, EN1+23, EN1+24*, EN1+25!*, EN1+26, EN1+30*, EN1+31, EN1+32, EN1+34*, EN1+35
, EN1+36, EN1+37, DATE~, DFO~, DFO+2, DFO+3, XML+2~, XML+7*, XML+9, XML+10
, XML+11, XML+12, XML+18*, XML+19, XML+22*, XML+23, XML+24, XML+26, ADD~, ADD+2
Y EN1+2~, EN1+7*, EN1+8, EN1+17*, EN1+18, EN1+22*, EN1+23*, EN1+26, VA200+1~*, VA200+2*
, VA200+3, DATE+1~, DATE+3, DFO+1~*, DFO+2*, DFO+3*, DFO+4, XML+2~, XML+4, XML+5*
, XML+6*, XML+8*, XML+9*, XML+10*, XML+11*, XML+12*, XML+13*, XML+15*, XML+18*, XML+19*
, XML+20*, XML+22*, XML+23*, XML+24*, XML+25*, XML+26*, XML+27*
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