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HMPDJFSD ;SLC/KCM,ASMR/RRB,MBS -- Domain Lists for Extract and Freshness Stream;Sep 1, 2016 17:28:47
 ;;2.0;ENTERPRISE HEALTH MANAGEMENT PLATFORM;**2,3**;Sep 01, 2011;Build 15
 ;Per VA Directive 6402, this routine should not be modified.
 ; DE2818/RRB: SQA findings 1st 3 lines
 ; DE6652 - JD - 9/1/16: Removed sign-symptom domain from the list for operational data.
 ;                       OPDOMS tag.
PTDOMS(LIST) ; load default patient domains (put in parameter?); cpc modded order 9/29/2015; DE4879 - Removed "factor" entry
 N I,X
 F I=1:1 S X=$P($T(PTDOMS+I),";;",2,99) Q:X="zzzzz"  S LIST(I)=X
OPDOMS(LIST) ; load default operational domains (put in parameter?)
 ;;sign-symptom;^GMRD(120.83)  ;DE6652 - Removed from OPDOMS list
 N I,X
 F I=1:1 S X=$P($T(OPDOMS+I),";",3) Q:X="zzzzz"  S LIST(I)=X