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Routine: ICDEXS

Package: DRG Grouper

Routine: ICDEXS


ICDEXS ;SLC/KER - ICD Extractor - Support ;12/19/2014

Source Information

Source file <ICDEXS.m>

Call Graph

Call Graph

Call Graph Total: 4

Package Total Call Graph
Kernel 2 ($$DT,$$FMTE)^XLFDT  $$UP^XLFSTR  
DRG Grouper 1 ($$DTBR,$$IMP)^ICDEX  
VA FileMan 1 $$GET1^DIQ  

Caller Graph


Legend of Colors

Package Component Superscript legend

action A extended action Ea event driver Ed subscriber Su protocol O limited protocol LP run routine RR broker B edit E server Se print P screenman SM inquire I

Caller Graph

Caller Graph Total: 2

Package Total Caller Graph
DRG Grouper 2 ICDEX  ^ICD0  

Entry Points

Name Comments DBIA/ICR reference
EFF(FILE,IEN,EDT) ; returns effective date and status for code/modifier
IA(FILE,IEN) ; Initial Activation Date
LA(FILE,IEN,CDT) ; Last Current Activation Date
LI(FILE,IEN,CDT) ; Last Current Inactivation Date
; Input:
; IEN Internal Entry Number (Required)
; FILE Global Root/File Number (Required)
; CDT Date (default = TODAY) (Optional)
; Output:
; $$LI Last Inactivation Date OR -1 ^ Error Message
LS(FILE,IEN,CDT,FMT) ; Last Status
; Input:
; FILE Global Root/File Number (Required)
; IEN Internal Entry Number (Required)
; CDT Date (default = TODAY) (Optional)
; FMT Format
; 0 Last Status only (default)
; 1 Last Status ^ Effective Date
; Output:
; $$LS Last Status (1/0) OR -1 ^ Error Message
NUM(CODE) ; Convert Code to a Numeric Value (opposite of $$COD)
COD(NUM) ; Convert Numeric Value to a Code (opposite of $$NUM)
IE(X) ; Internal or External
FILE(X) ; File Number
ROOT(X) ; Global Root
RY(SYS) ; Global Root from System
RF(FILE) ; Global Root from File
RR(ID) ; Global Root from Root or Identifier
RS(SYS) ; Global Root from Coding System
RC(COD) ; Global Root from Code
SYS(SYS,CDT,FMT) ; Resolve System (uses file 80.4)
SS(X) ; System from Coding System file 80.4
SM(X,CDT) ; System from a Mnemonic
SP(X) ; System from Pattern Match
SC(X) ; System from Code
SINFO(SYS,CDT) ; System Info (uses file 80.4)
SNAM(SYS) ; System Name
SAB(X,Y) ; Source Abbreviation
EXC(FILE,IEN) ; Exclude From lookup

External References

Name Field # of Occurrence
$$DT^XLFDT EFF+29, LA+15, LI+15, LS+18, SM+1, SINFO+23, SAB+12
$$FMTE^XLFDT LA+22, LI+22, LS+21, LS+23, LS+25
$$UP^XLFSTR ROOT+12, SYS+25, SYS+26, SS+1, SM+1, SP+1, SC+2

Global Variables Directly Accessed

Name Line Occurrences  (* Changed,  ! Killed)
^ICD0("ABA" FILE+14, RS+1
^ICD0("AEXC" FILE+17, RC+3
^ICD0("AVA" FILE+16, RC+2
^ICD0("BA" IE+17, IE+18, FILE+12, FILE+15, RC+1
^ICD9("ABA" FILE+14, RS+1
^ICD9("AEXC" FILE+17, RC+3
^ICD9("AVA" FILE+16, RC+2
^ICD9("BA" IE+17, IE+18, FILE+12, FILE+15, RC+1
^ICDS - [#80.4] RY+1, RY+2, SYS+28, SS+2, SS+3, SS+4, SINFO+26, SNAM+12, SAB+13
^ICDS("B" SP+3, SP+4, SP+5, SP+6, SP+7
^ICDS(30 SM+2

Label References

Name Line Occurrences
$$FILE EFF+22, IA+12, LA+13, LI+13, LS+16
$$RC ROOT+12
$$RF ROOT+13, RY+2
$$ROOT EFF+23, IA+12, LA+13, LI+13, LS+16, FILE+12, EXC+12
$$RR ROOT+14
$$RS ROOT+15
$$RY ROOT+11
$$SC SYS+27
$$SM SYS+30
$$SNAM SYS+27, SYS+28, SYS+29, SYS+30, SYS+31
$$SP SYS+31
$$SS SYS+29
$$SYS SINFO+24, SAB+13

Local Variables


>> Not killed explicitly
* Changed
! Killed
~ Newed

Name Field # of Occurrence
ACT IA+11~, IA+15*, IA+16, IA+17, IA+19*, IA+20*, IA+21, LA+12~, LA+17*, LA+18
, LA+19, LA+21*, LA+22*, LA+23, LI+12~, LS+15~
ADD COD+15~, COD+17*
CDT LA~, LA+15*, LA+17, LA+22, LI~, LI+15*, LI+17, LI+22, LS~, LS+18*
, LS+20, LS+21, LS+23, LS+25, SYS~, SYS+25, SM~, SM+1, SINFO~, SINFO+23
, SAB+11~*, SAB+12*, SAB+13, SAB+15, SAB+16, SAB+17, SAB+18
CHR NUM+15~, NUM+16*, NUM+17*, NUM+18, COD+15~, COD+16*, COD+17*
CODE NUM~, NUM+14*, NUM+16
EDT EFF~, EFF+25*, EFF+26, EFF+29*, EFF+30
EFF EFF+20~, EFF+30*, EFF+31, EFF+32*, EFF+33*, EFF+34, IA+11~, IA+15*, IA+16*, IA+17
, IA+19, LA+12~, LA+17*, LA+18*, LA+19, LA+21, LI+12~, LI+17*, LI+18*, LI+19
, LI+21, LS+15~, LS+20*, LS+21, LS+22
EFFB EFF+20~, EFF+32*, EFF+33, EFF+34*, EFF+35*, EFF+36*
EFFDOS EFF+20~, EFF+35*, EFF+36, EFF+37*, EFF+38, EFF+39
EFFDT EFF+20~, EFF+32*, EFF+38, EFF+39
EFFN EFF+20~, EFF+31*, EFF+34*, EFF+35
EFFST EFF+20~, EFF+32*, EFF+36, EFF+38
EFILE EFF+20~, EFF+27*, EFF+30, EFF+31, EFF+33, EFF+34, EFF+35
ERR NUM+15~*, NUM+17*, NUM+18*, NUM+19
FILE EFF~, EFF+22*, EFF+23, IA~, IA+12*, LA~, LA+13*, LI~, LI+13*, LS~
, LS+16*, RY+1~, RY+2*, RF~, RF+1, EXC~, EXC+11
FMT LS~, LS+26, SYS~, SYS+25
HIS IA+11~, IA+17*, IA+18, LA+12~, LA+19*, LA+20, LI+12~, LI+19*, LI+20, LS+15~
, LS+22*, LS+23, LS+24
ICD10 SAB+11~, SAB+12*, SAB+15, SAB+16, SAB+17, SAB+18
ICDC SYS+24~, SS+1~, SS+2*, SS+3, SS+4, SC+1~*, SC+2, SC+3
ICDD SYS+24~, SYS+25*, SYS+30, SM+1~*, SM+3, SM+4, SINFO+22~, SINFO+23*, SINFO+24
ICDE SC+4~, SC+8*, SC+9
ICDF LA+12~, FILE+10~, ROOT+11~, SYS+24~, SYS+25*, SYS+26*, SYS+27, SYS+28, SYS+29, SYS+30
, SYS+31, EXC+11~*, EXC+12, EXC+13
ICDI SYS+24~*, SYS+26, SYS+27, SYS+28, SYS+29, SYS+30, SYS+31, SS+1~*, SS+3, SP+1~
, SP+3*, SP+4, SP+5, SP+6, SP+7, SC+1~*, EXC+11~*, EXC+12, EXC+13
ICDO SYS+24~, SYS+27*, SYS+29*, SYS+30*, SYS+31*, SS+1~, SS+2*, SS+4*, SS+5, SM+1~
, SM+2*, SM+3*, SM+4*, SM+5, SP+1~*, SP+3, SP+4*, SP+5*, SP+6*, SP+7*
, SP+8, SC+1~, SC+2*, SC+3, SC+4, SC+5*, SC+6, SC+7*, SC+9*, SC+10
ICDR FILE+10~, FILE+12*, FILE+18, ROOT+11~*, ROOT+12*, ROOT+13*, ROOT+14*, ROOT+15*, SC+1~, SC+2*
, SC+4, SC+5, SC+6, SC+7, SC+8, SC+9, EXC+11~, EXC+12*
ICDS SC+4~*, SC+5, SINFO+22~, SINFO+24*, SINFO+25, SINFO+26, SINFO+28
ICDT SYS+24~, SS+3~*, SS+4*, SP+1~*, SP+2*, SP+3, SP+4, SP+5, SP+6, SP+7
, SINFO+22~, SINFO+27*, SINFO+28
ICDU SYS+24~, SYS+26*, SS+1~*, SS+4, SM+1~*, SM+3, SM+4, SC+1~, SC+2*, SC+3
ICDV SC+4~, SC+6*, SC+7
ICDX FILE+10~*, FILE+14, SYS+24~, SM+1~, SM+2*, SM+3, SM+4
ICDY EFF+20~, EFF+28*, EFF+29
ID RR~, RR+1, RR+2
IEN EFF~, EFF+21, EFF+27*, EFF+28, IA~, IA+14*, IA+16, IA+17, IA+18, LA~
, LA+15*, LA+16, LA+18, LA+19, LA+20, LI~, LI+15*, LI+16, LI+18, LI+19
, LI+20, LS~, LS+18*, LS+19, LS+20, LS+22, LS+24, EXC~, EXC+11
IN IE+15~, IE+16*, IE+17, IE+18
INA IA+11~, LA+12~, LI+12~, LI+17*, LI+18, LI+19, LI+21*, LI+22*, LI+23, LS+15~
, LS+20*
LEF LS+15~, LS+24*, LS+26
NOD IA+11~, IA+18~*, IA+19, LA+12~, LA+20~*, LA+21, LI+12~, LI+20~*, LI+21, LS+15~
, LS+24*
NUM COD~, COD+14*, COD+16
OUT NUM+15~*, NUM+18*, NUM+19*, NUM+20, COD+15~*, COD+17*, COD+18, IE+15~, SAB+11~
PSN NUM+15~*, NUM+16, COD+15~, COD+16*
ROOT EFF+20~, EFF+23*, EFF+24, EFF+27, EFF+28, IA+11~, IA+12*, IA+13, IA+14, IA+16
, IA+17, IA+18, LA+12~, LA+13*, LA+14, LA+16, LA+18, LA+19, LA+20, LI+12~
, LI+13*, LI+14, LI+16, LI+18, LI+19, LI+20, LS+15~, LS+16*, LS+17, LS+19
, LS+20, LS+22, LS+24, RY+1~, RY+2*
STA IA+18~, IA+19*, LA+20~, LA+21*, LI+20~, LI+21*, LS+15~, LS+24*, LS+25, LS+26*
, LS+27
STR EFF+20~, EFF+31*, EFF+32, EFF+38*, EFF+39*, EFF+40
SYS RY~, RY+1*, RY+2, RS~, RS+1*, SYS~, SYS+24, SINFO~, SINFO+24, SINFO+28*
, SINFO+29, SNAM~, SNAM+12*, SNAM+13, SAB+11~*, SAB+13*, SAB+14, SAB+15, SAB+16, SAB+17
, SAB+18, SAB+19
TMP SC+3~*, SC+5, SC+6, SC+8, SAB+11~, SAB+13*
TY SAB+11~
VR SAB+11~
X IE~, IE+16, FILE~, FILE+10*, FILE+11, FILE+12, FILE+13, FILE+15, FILE+16, FILE+17
, ROOT~, ROOT+11, ROOT+12*, ROOT+13, ROOT+14, ROOT+15, RC+2, RC+3, SS~, SS+1
, SM~, SM+1, SP~, SP+1, SC~, SC+1, SAB~, SAB+11
Y SAB~, SAB+11
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