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Routine: ICDTBL5E


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 ;;18.0;DRG Grouper;**65,69**;Oct 20, 2000;Build 4
DRG500 ;
DRG501 ;
DRG502 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:500,ICDMCC=1:501,1:502) Q
DRG503 ;
DRG504 ;
DRG505 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:503,ICDMCC=1:504,1:505) Q
DRG506 I ICDOR["O2" D DRG513  Q
       S ICDRG=506 Q
DRG507 ;
DRG508 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC>0:507,1:508) Q
DRG509 S ICDRG=509 Q
DRG510 ;
DRG511 ;
DRG512 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:510,ICDMCC=1:511,1:512) Q
DRG513 ;
DRG514 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC>0:513,1:514) Q
DRG515 ;
DRG516 ;
DRG517 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:515,ICDMCC=1:516,1:517) Q
DRG533 ;
DRG534 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:533,1:534) Q
DRG535 ;
DRG536 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:535,1:536) Q
DRG537 ;
DRG538 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC>0:537,1:538) Q
DRG539 ;
DRG540 ;
DRG541 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:539,ICDMCC=1:540,1:541) Q
DRG542 ;
DRG543 ;
DRG544 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:542,ICDMCC=1:543,1:544) Q
DRG545 ;
DRG546 ;
DRG547 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:545,ICDMCC=1:546,1:547) Q
DRG548 ;
DRG549 ;
DRG550 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:548,ICDMCC=1:549,1:550) Q
DRG551 ;
DRG552 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:551,1:552) Q
DRG553 ;
DRG554 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:553,1:554) Q
DRG555 ;
DRG556 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:555,1:556) Q
DRG557 ;
DRG558 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:557,1:558) Q
DRG559 ;
DRG560 ;
DRG561 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:559,ICDMCC=1:560,1:561) Q
DRG562 ;
DRG563 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:562,1:563) Q
DRG564 ;
DRG565 ;
DRG566 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:564,ICDMCC=1:565,1:566) Q
DRG570 ;
DRG571 ;
DRG572 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:570,ICDMCC=1:571,1:572) Q
DRG573 ;
DRG574 ;
DRG575 I ICDOR'["O" D DRG592 Q 
       I ICDPD["U" S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:573,ICDMCC=1:574,1:575) Q
DRG576 ;
DRG577 ;
DRG578 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:576,ICDMCC=1:577,1:578) Q
DRG579 ;
DRG580 ;
DRG581 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:579,ICDMCC=1:580,1:581) Q
DRG582 ;
DRG583 I ICDPD["M"!(ICDSD["M") S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC>0:582,1:583) Q
 E  G DRG584
DRG584 ;
DRG585 I ICDOR["M"!(ICDOR["m") S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC>0:584,1:585) Q
 E  S ICDRG="" Q
DRG592 ;
DRG593 ;I ICDPD["U" S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC>0:593,1:594) Q
DRG594 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:592,ICDMCC=1:593,1:594) Q
DRG595 ;
DRG596 S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:595,1:596) Q
DRG597 ;
DRG598 ;
DRG599 I ICDPD["r" S ICDRG=$S(ICDMCC=2:597,ICDMCC=1:598,1:599) Q